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Company Overview
Opticis Co., Ltd., the world-class solution provider of fiber-optic video & audio connectivity, located in Sungnam-city of South Korea, was founded in December, 1999. Opticis designs and manufactures a variety of fiber-optic digital links of quality and specially applied for long-distance extensions and no electric noises to medical imaging, digital signage, education/government, military/avionics and broadcast.

With a rich technical expertise in fiber-optic components and associated applications, Opticis aims to provide high-speed fiber-optic link solutions for digital video & audio extension and distribution, splitting and matrix routing mainly along with serial data interface and interconnection required in video & audio industry to assure the increased demand of the diversified use in graphic sources.

The Opticis technologies offer you the benefit to combine single to multiple networking and fulfill the ultimate performance with easy-setting features through the multiplicity of the setting methods. In this field, the connectivity issue becomes more especially critical for environmentally cautious, high-speed and long extension applications, where copper cables support only several meters. In such areas, Opticis has been implementing various interface standards such as the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) for PC-based graphic interface and the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) for digital TV industry, DisplayPort for PC and display, Serial Digital Interface (SDI) for Broadcast system, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) for PC Peripherals and the IEEE1394 (FireWire) for digital appliance interconnection.

Not only in technology, has the management team represented extensive experiences but also in business area. With its leadership, the Quality Management System has been certified, assessed and complied with the requirements of the quality standard, by ISO 9001:2008 and certified in environmentally well-process, ISO 14001 in November 2010.

As a leader in a field of fiber-optic extenders, Opticis keeps simplifying connectivity by combining or multiplexing various interface data into an optical data and continues to offer new fiber-optic link products to meet the needs of wide bandwidth data transmission and applications. As we have been doing, we commit to delivering products of quality to all with certified standards from two ISOs’ as well as to innovating the video & audio industry with fiber-optic technology.
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