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1999 Foundation of Opticis Co., Ltd.
2000 Released the world 1st, the fiber-optic DVI cable transmitting digital UXGA resolution at COMDEX
2001 Developed the world 1st, fiber-optic USB cable, M2-100
Lined up Gbit VCSEL Transceivers (1G - 2.5G) in SC and LC connector type
2002 Started delivering fiber detachable DVI extender, M1-201
Announced optical Firewire repeater, M4-100, complying with IEEE1394b-2001, S800
2003 Contracted supply agreement of offering fiber-optic connectivity for major TV manufacturer in Japan
2004 Developed the world 1st, fiber-optic HDMI cable, dual-link DVI extender, M1-2R2VI-DU
2005 Opened R&D institute for fiber-optic component in Gwangju, Korea
2006 Launched multimedia fiber-optic extender, named as M5-1001 for digital KVM
Installed fiber-optic daisy chain extenders of digital video & control data in Incheon subway, Korea
2007 Started to supply product for medical application
2008 Launched multimedia optical and CAT5 extenders, M5-2A2-TR & M5-2C2-TR at ISE
Launched 1-fiber DVI extender, 4-fiber Dual link DVI and VGA/Audio/RS232 extender at Infocomm08
2009 Developed the world 1st, fiber-optic DisplayPort cable
2010 Launched optical SDI extender SDIX-100
2011 Became public company (KOSDAQ)
2012 Launched 16x16 Multi-format Modular Matrix, OMM-1000
Launched 1-fiber Optical HDMI extender, HDFX-200-TR
2013 Relocated HQ office to Bundang area
Launched Multi-format Optical Converter, OMVC-200
Selected The World Class Product and Company of Korea
2015 OPTICIS CWDM-optical module Recognized at the Lightwave Innovation Awards with an Impressive Score of 3.5 Diamonds
2016 Certified for 'Youth affinity Global Hidden Champions'
2017 Appointed as 'Outstanding Technology Research and Development Center' from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Opticis Headquater office relocation (Jeongja-dong, SPG building)

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