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1999 Foundation of Opticis Co., Ltd.
2000 Released the world 1st, the fiber-optic DVI cable transmitting digital UXGA resolution at COMDEX
2001 Developed the world 1st, fiber-optic USB cable, M2-100
Lined up Gbit VCSEL Transceivers (1G - 2.5G) in SC and LC connector type
2002 Started delivering fiber detachable DVI extender, M1-201
Announced optical Firewire repeater, M4-100, complying with IEEE1394b-2001, S800
2003 Contracted supply agreement of offering fiber-optic connectivity for major TV manufacturer in Japan
2004 Developed the world 1st, fiber-optic HDMI cable, dual-link DVI extender, M1-2R2VI-DU
2005 Opened R&D institute for fiber-optic component in Gwangju, Korea
2006 Launched multimedia fiber-optic extender, named as M5-1001 for digital KVM
Installed fiber-optic daisy chain extenders of digital video & control data in Incheon subway, Korea
2007 Started to supply product for medical application
2008 Launched multimedia optical and CAT5 extenders, M5-2A2-TR & M5-2C2-TR at ISE
Launched 1-fiber DVI extender, 4-fiber Dual link DVI and VGA/Audio/RS232 extender at Infocomm08
2009 Developed the world 1st, fiber-optic DisplayPort cable
2010 Launched optical SDI extender SDIX-100
2011 Became public company (KOSDAQ)
2012 Launched 16x16 Multi-format Modular Matrix, OMM-1000
Launched 1-fiber Optical HDMI extender, HDFX-200-TR
2013 Relocated HQ office to Bundang area
Launched Multi-format Optical Converter, OMVC-200
Selected The World Class Product and Company of Korea
2015 OPTICIS CWDM-optical module Recognized at the Lightwave Innovation Awards with an Impressive Score of 3.5 Diamonds

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