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Technology Innovation
Opticis has devoted all efforts to make its solutions cost competitive through innovative low cost and high speed packaging technologies.
Technology innovations Opticis has accomplished are as follows;
Minimize the EMI effect and interchannel skew in digital graphic transmission at multi Gigabit data rate.
To implement optical bi-directional circuit, we invented a way to automatically control the direction of data signal without microprocessor.
Assuring system compatibility with existing systems of different standard types, we commercialize fiber-optic connection products implemented multi-Giga bit transmission of graphic data.
Design fiber-optic components, suitable to variety applications of digital data interface and networks, considering assuring sufficient reliability and performance in terms of application environments.
For high-speed and multi-channel transmission, special miniature plug-receptacles aligned semi-actively were designed so that the housing could be almost the same size as the housing for equivalent copper cables.
Low cost multi-channel packaging structure has been invented instead of expensive standard connectors like MT ferrule.
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